Monday, January 18, 2010

Remains of the Day Pages!

I've started on my pages for Mary Ann's Remains of the Day class
This is the inside cover with a 2010 card I received from my friend Sarah

I love the little heart tag I got from Anahata's traveled the world with me!

A little vellum envelope holds a photo of one of my favorite David Austin roses. The poem above it reads;

A New Year is unfolding
like a blossom
with petals curled tightly
conceling the beauty within

I still need to add stuff to the photo of my fireplace...the old Feliz Dia postcard is a pocket.

A transparency envelope holds a photo of my baby, Daisy Aphrodite.

I still have to journal on the pages.....the hard part!


  1. These are beautiful! I love your friend Daisy! and the fire in your fireplace. So lovely.

  2. deborah all of your pages are muy fantastico!
    your sewing machine looks powerful
    and your doggy is cute.
    so there.

  3. Love these! I think especially the top, opening pages.. I'm emailing you right now