Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cut. Paste.Glitter. Repeat.

I've been busy making banners for three little girls. I'm reaching the home stretch and all that's left to do is..... EMBELLISH!

Lots of vintage love

Like this vintage brooch I found for $4 while I was on location in Michigan last Fall

Out here in L.A. that would have cost $40! It's hard to part with. Hmmmm...come to think of it I have a sweater it would look terrific on (slaps self).....I mean, isn't it darling on little Alix's banner?

Monday, January 25, 2010

One of Those Days

Ugh. My day started hectic and only went crazy from there! The Nip-Nops and I just had a short walk this morning as Dexter only wanted to eat grass. Do I even need to tell you what came next? Yes, he first threw up all over the freshly changed bed, then in the car, then on me (several times). He's finally sleeping so I had a little time to make another page in my Remains of the Day journal. No I didn't document that part!

The little silver Ganish is a 3-d sticker I got in India a few years ago. I wish I had more!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

After The Rain

Is there anything better than a California day washed clean by rain? Not in my book. I took a little spin around the neighborhood with the Nip-Nops (aka Daisy and Dexter) and snapped a few shots for my Remains of the Day journal. Such promise of things to come!

And look at these oranges....just hanging there!

Here's what I did with a couple of those images. A secret garden-

And little Dexter enjoying the sun

And here are those oranges and buds

What I love most about this journal is that all the prep work is done so it's super easy to add your photos!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is Raining-It's Pouring

It's rainy and moody here in LA today....and I love it. I don't love that some are suffering and displaced due to the storms rolling in of the Pacific, but I love being cozy in my art room with my fur babies curled snugly in their beds. The stress of everyday life slips away as I listen to the rain tapping against the windows while I paint, cut, glitter, and paste.

I did venture out between storms to mail this banner to my friend, Claire for her baby girl-

I added a little vintage bling on some letters

And made little fabric flowers on others

I'm still working on my pages for Mary Ann's Remains of the Day class but couldn't take any photos due to the poor light today!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Remains of the Day Pages!

I've started on my pages for Mary Ann's Remains of the Day class
This is the inside cover with a 2010 card I received from my friend Sarah

I love the little heart tag I got from Anahata Katkin...it's traveled the world with me!

A little vellum envelope holds a photo of one of my favorite David Austin roses. The poem above it reads;

A New Year is unfolding
like a blossom
with petals curled tightly
conceling the beauty within

I still need to add stuff to the photo of my fireplace...the old Feliz Dia postcard is a pocket.

A transparency envelope holds a photo of my baby, Daisy Aphrodite.

I still have to journal on the pages.....the hard part!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Watch Out For Low Cruising Swine

I've said for years that I would only confront another sewing machine "When Pigs Fly". Well....Meet my new BFF!

It's all Mary Ann's fault. If her Remains of the Day class hadn't been so fabu this baby wouldn't be gracing my art room right now. I LOVE her!!!!! I installed the needle, threaded and installed the bobbin, and was zipping through my pages before the sweat on my palms dried!