Monday, November 15, 2010

Reflective Journal Page

I can't decide if I have the best... or worst job ever. On the one hand....I have such a creative job (costume design), on the other hand...killer hours! These past 3 weeks I've put in a minimum of 16 hrs a day (7 days a week)....up to 3 days in a row of 20 hour work days!! Seriously, for three nights in a row I only got 45 minutes sleep each night. Combine that with the demands of the script, director, actors (an entire drama into it's self), studio, sound, camera, shooting schedule, and then (for kicks and giggles), toss in the producers budget,... I'm just about to go "postal"!

So I thought I'd post this journal page that reflects (and reminds me of), how I feel about my job at it's best.  The little eggs of an idea, many satellite considerations, followed by "divine inspiration".... with several spiky bits along the way.

Thank God for Angels!

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